Rave Reviews for New Morningside Heights Exterior

March 2021 Siders have wrapped up work on the recladding of Morningside and the painting team is down to final touch ups.  The new look highlights  the attractive bay windows and gives the property color depth and richness.  We have heard numerous positive comments from residents and passers by on the new scheme!

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Hamilton Urban Launches New Project Marketing Websites

Hamilton Urban today launched a series of new websites aimed at increasing the digital visibility of HUP's properties to prospective tenants.  With Covid-19 social distancing concerns, consumers are increasingly looking for ways to learn about housing options digitally. Given this trend HUP secured the digital asset pnwapts.com  where it will present all its properties to prospective residents.   See the Reserve At Blueberry Park as [...]

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Freya Ready For Occupancy

January 2021 Hamilton Urban Partners' newest micro housing project has received its Certificate of Occupancy from the city of Seattle, marking a major milestone for this unique project.   In partnership with Neiman Taber Architects, the team conceived of a building offering market-rate affordable housing that was designed specifically to foster community connections through generous and well-appointed common areas.  Freya will be managed by OpenDoor [...]

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Morningside Heights Renovated Units Shine

December 2020 Hamilton Urban Partners has finished renovating its first units at its newest property, Morningside Heights apartments.  The 26-unit property built in 1994  had  received few updates in its history so HUP is excited to modernize the asset.  The refreshed homes include: quartz countertops, tile backsplashes, all new plumbing and electrical fixtures, vinyl plank flooring  and a new color scheme.

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52-Unit Kärsti Interiors Taking Shape

December 2020 Construction on the interiors of Kärsti, a 52-unit micro housing project HUP is developing in partnership with Neiman Taber Architects, continues at rapid clip.  Contemporary in-unit kitchens featuring matte black cabinets and quartz countertops.  Top floor homes offer vaulted ceilings with a loft configuration.  Generous common areas, a hallmark of the project, include rich surfaces such as stone counters and stainless appliances.

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HUP Completes Two New Units at Original Project

November 2020 17-unit Westland Manor, Hamilton Urban Partners' original project, just grew by two units.  HUP has completed two of a five unit addition  planned for underutilized space in  this warm 1928 vintage building.  New units feature a modern look including quartz countertops, laminate wood flooring, contemporary white cabinets and black hardware.  HUP expects to receive permits and complete construction on the final three [...]

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Morningside Heights Closes

October 2020 Morningside Heights apartments in Northeast Seattle is Hamilton Urban Partner's newest acquisition.  The 26-unit building with 5 commercial spaces  was constructed in 1994 and features twin elevators, an extensive subterranean garage and a spacious lobby.  HUP intends to modernize finishes in the units and common areas using its proven formula for updates.  On the exteriors, the company plans to reside the building [...]

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HUP Breaks Ground on New Stair Towers at Link-14

August 2020 Demolition has begun on the dilapidated stair towers at Link-14 Apartments.  Original to this 1960s era building, these open-air stairs have been punished by the elements and are in need of replacement. HUPs new design will feature enclosed towers which will offer residents a more secure environment and a modern look for the building.

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Sylvan Court 20-Unit Addition Tops Off

July 2020 Framers have reached the top of the 20-unit addition being constructed in what was formerly a parking lot.  Once the roof trusses and plywood are installed, roofers will be by to install the roof membrane in the coming weeks.  

Sylvan Court 20-Unit Addition Tops Off2020-12-23T03:32:12+00:00

New Stair Towers Permitted at Link – 14

July 2020 The City of Seattle issued HUP permits to replace the existing staircases at Link – 14 apartments. The current stairs over the years have been punished by the elements and will be replaced by enclosed towers which will act to secure the stairways from the weather and modernize the exterior of the building.  

New Stair Towers Permitted at Link – 142020-12-23T05:35:40+00:00
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