• Unrivaled market expertise, timing, and location selection, with discounted purchase prices to market and the building’s unrealized revenue and cash flow potential.
    • Extensive acquisition due-diligence coupled with current and historical market and value-add asset experience de-risks investments prior to closing.
    • Extended fixed-rate financing and flexible “pre-pay” terms mitigate rate risks and maximize refi proceeds.
    • Prudent LTV ranges of 50%-65%
    • Leverage experience to pursue only value-added strategies with the highest direct return on capital.
      • 76% average increase in rental income from acquisition
      • 53% of historical projects included rentable square footage increases
    • Detailed plans, professional project management, materials sourcing, and trusted contractor and subcontractor relationships ensure timely, predictable, and cost-effective renovations.
      • Historical projects delivered within +/- 3% of proforma budget
      • Renovation investments all made with the intention to extend housing life well past Hamilton Urban Partners ownership
    • Optimize occupancy, rentable square footage increases, unit turns, site operations & safety, rent increases and more …
      • 53% historical increases in Net Operating Income post-acquisition
    • Smartly updated and improved interiors, exteriors, and communal spaces. Make sure our residents have a safe and pleasant living environment.
    • One must sell at the right time! We continually assess current market sales value versus forward-looking IRR and cash-on-cash returns post-building renovation, rental stabilization, and NOI optimization.

Investment Criteria

Asset Type: Multi-Family Value-Add, $8-$25 million Investment

Capitalization: Equity: $4-$12.5 million, Debt: 50%-65% LTV

Targeted Returns: 13-18%+ IRR, 2.0X Equity Multiple

Location: Urban–Suburban greater Seattle communities with proximity to employers, transit, and neighborhood amenities (grocery, dining, retail)

Hold Period: 3-10 years